Beijing Should Change it’s Name to Greyjing


Pollution levels off the chart at over 500 particles per cubic metre!


View from our apartment show pollution dangerously 20 times above WHO limits.

Just when I thought the pollution couldn’t get any worse—the PM 2.5 index went off the scale—as the level were hazardously over 500! That’s 20 times above the safe limited recommend by the World Health Authority (WHO). Most people in Beijing have a smart phone app (like CN Air Quality) that allows them to check the pollution levels. Today, Beijing was one of the worst polluted places in China and you can see how bad the situation was in the north of the country. Pollution has always been a problem in the industrial parts of China, but when it affects Beijing it becomes headline news around the world. Hopefully this negative new coverage will help spur the government to do something about it—and soon. Otherwise with daily hazardous pollution and pictures like this, Beijing could soon be known as Greyjing.


China’s pollution is always worse in the north of the country