Best Room in the Hospital


I checked into hospital this morning for an operation for prolapsed hemorrhoids. A slightly embarrassing topic to write about, but a common problem and sadly this is real life. I have been suffering for several weeks but unfortunately the condition became very severe so I needed this emergency operation. I wont go into details but I think the condition got aggravated by my diet, the cold weather and cycling to work everyday. Anyway Canthy managed to get me the best room in the hospital and one of the only double rooms. In local Chinese hospitals private rooms don’t exist and most rooms have around eight people per room. The hospital is the best in Beijing for treating colonic disorders and has a good reputation for its surgeons. However, conditions as you can see are slightly run down, but this is not unusual for local Chinese hospital. I tried not to compare it to a western hospital, as I was just glad they could take me in and operate on me. People often laugh and make fun of hemorrhoids, but I can assure you when it gets this severe it is no laughing matter.