Best Room in the Hospital


I checked into hos­pi­tal this morn­ing for an oper­a­tion for pro­lapsed hem­or­rhoids. A slightly embar­rass­ing topic to write about, but a com­mon prob­lem and sadly this is real life. I have been suf­fer­ing for sev­eral weeks but unfor­tu­nately the con­di­tion became very severe so I needed this emer­gency oper­a­tion. I wont go into details but I think the con­di­tion got aggra­vated by my diet, the cold weather and cycling to work every­day. Any­way Can­thy man­aged to get me the best room in the hos­pi­tal and one of the only dou­ble rooms. In local Chi­nese hos­pi­tals pri­vate rooms don’t exist and most rooms have around eight peo­ple per room. The hos­pi­tal is the best in Bei­jing for treat­ing colonic dis­or­ders and has a good rep­u­ta­tion for its sur­geons. How­ever, con­di­tions as you can see are slightly run down, but this is not unusual for local Chi­nese hos­pi­tal. I tried not to com­pare it to a west­ern hos­pi­tal, as I was just glad they could take me in and oper­ate on me. Peo­ple often laugh and make fun of hem­or­rhoids, but I can assure you when it gets this severe it is no laugh­ing matter.