Beijing Brightens Up – No April Fool’s Joke!

The pollution in Beijing was better over the weekend and Canthy always updates situation. I think she’s got my English habit of always asking “hows the weather?”. I also check the CN Air Quality app on my iPhone which updates the air quality and pollution levels by the hour. The map shows the situation across China so you can see the whole picture, although it would be if you could also see other places in the world to compare.

Despite today being good and similar with Shenzhen, overall the situation still reminds appalling. You can see by the charts that the two cities could not be more opposite. And the graphical image tells a frightening picture of the situation. The new President of China, Xi Jinping was on the TV again recently declaring to sort out pollution. But sadly not many Chinese people I speak to think anything will happen anytime soon. So it could easily sound just like an April Fools Day joke. However, I am willing to wait until the smog clears and see what he will do. But then I am living in Shenzhen where the problem doesn’t exist.